Using Insights to Build Talent



Assessments can be used for pre-employment purposes or for development. Insights2Talent can help your organization identify its needs and determine the appropriate assessments.


Pre-employment Assessments

Finding the right talent is critical to an organization's success.  You may find a candidate who looks good on paper and sounds great in an interview, and then find out the person is not a good fit with your organization or cannot perform to your standards.

Insights2Talent can help your organization make more informed hiring decisions through the use of validated personality assessments:

  • Identify applicant's suitability for a position
  • Determine potential strengths and shortcomings of an applicant
  • Identify how the candidate is likely to act in certain circumstances
  • Tailor final interview questions to address any areas of concern
  • Avoid adverse impact by age, race, ethnicity, or gender

Companies utilizing similar tools have found:

  • 45% increase in sales volume
  • 30% reduction in employee turnover
  • 16% decrease in accident rates

Development Assessments

Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses is critical to our development. Assessments can provide an individual with feedback to understand him or herself, and guide the person in determining opportunities for development.

Insights2Talents can identify appropriate assessments for development, administer them, and provide feedback to the individuals. Additionally, we can work with the individual to create a plan to develop strengths and improve or mitigate weaknesses.