Using Insights to Build Talent

Isabel Graf, Ph.D. partnered with me on a major succession planning process for a client organization. The company had asked for assessments regarding leadership, management, and critical thinking skills for eleven of its top leaders. Isabel’s contribution was invaluable.

First, she helped us get grounded in the organization during a site visit by asking penetrating questions that elicited essential information regarding the company’s successes, problems, and future. Second, she helped fashion a process the company used to write descriptions of key leadership positions that were being created by a re-organization of senior staff. Third, she provided top level expertise in the assessment and interpretation of management and critical thinking skills for each candidate. Fourth, she helped create and present results of our assessment in ways that decision makers found enlightening. Finally, we met with the decision makers to help them use the assessment reports as a key part of making critical selection decisions.

On the basis of this experience, the company asked us to conduct a similar process with the remaining fifty five members of its leadership cadre.

Working with Isabel is a great experience. She is intelligent, insightful, challenging when she needs to be, and highly flexible in her thinking and approach.

Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D.


EQ Leader, Inc.

129 Salem Avenue, SW

Roanoke, VA 24011

September 2015



Thanks again for developing and facilitating our Leadership Development Program. As time goes by (now in our 3rd year with you) our alumni group becomes more and more impressive as their confidence grows and their "natural" leadership skills are noticed throughout the firm. You really make a difference for our people. We appreciate you for both your talents and your personal values. I would strongly recommend you as a top-notch corporate trainer (just not for our competitors please.).  

Rick Ferreira, PE

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc.

March, 2014